Branding & App Design

BrewPrint is a 3D printing app for managing print jobs and buying and organizing models. The unique "BrewCoin" system rewards users for their usage with credit that can be used to purchase more filament in the online store.

The brand identity is fresh, energetic, people friendly, and approachable, helping make the technology feel more accessible, easy to understand, and fun to use. The playful hand-drawn lettering was inspired by contemporary beer branding, while the nice clean lines of the symbolic mark acknowledge the technical preciseness of 3D printing. The circular symbol depicts a wheat stalk (a literal interpretation of the word "brew" that also symbolizes creative growth) with expressive lines radiating on the other side to convey a sense of "bright ideas" and energy. The bubbly feel of the icons and the energetic color palette help make all the technical information feel less like a sterile device manager and more like a mobile game.