C3 Society

Screen Visuals

Society is the young adults ministry of C3 San Diego that puts on monthly gatherings geared towards college students and those between 20-30(ish) years of age. I create visuals for sermon titles, ice-breaker games, special guest intros, upcoming events, and other exciting happenings within our church. These designs illustrate the message or event themes and engage our young, visually-driven congregation.

I'm inspired by the quote, "Good design is invisible." I believe that to be especially important when it comes to designing for a church. Too often I see bad design, type crimes, and distracting layouts utilized by church media teams; and frankly, it makes the church look bad and detracts from the message. We seek to glorify God in all that we do, and that includes striving for excellence in our media by using quality images, careful control of visual hierarchy, and appropriate arrangement of design elements in order to enhance and not distract from the message.