The Dapper Bison

Restaurant Branding Concept

The Dapper Bison is a hypothetical craft jerky and pipe tobacco lounge. I set out to create a brand design that appealed to the aesthetic tastes of craft foodie culture, similar to that of current trends in craft cocktail bars that draw inspiration from earlier times and Prohibition era. The overall vibe of this project was especially inspired by old west gentlemen with their top hats, moustaches, and ever-present clouds of tobacco smoke.

The logo was hand-drawn in the style of vintage marks from the 1800s. I kept the color scheme simple and rustic, using mostly black ink on natural brown paper to emphasize the old-time feel. I also packaged the jerky in natural muslin cloth bags to further strip away any modern influences like the typical resealable plastic pouches we see beef jerky in today.

The whole brand comes together and gives a playful nod to an older era while offering something entirely new and unique.