Goddess Within Boudoir

Branding, Website, & Collateral

Goddess Within is a San Diego based photography brand that uses boudoir to empower women and promote inner healing. Founder Taylor Bartram reached out to me to create branding that felt strong, feminine, and sexy with an esoteric edge. The primary logo is sensual and boldly feminine. The all-caps, high-contrast lettering has a very confident, voguish feel that is equally graceful and powerful. The sun icon emphasizes the sun-drenched aspect of Taylor’s work, and symbolizes shining a light on the powerful and radiant spirit deep within the women she photographs. The alternate logo is an illustration of a nude goddess-like woman dancing with a snake. Snakes symbolize rebirth, transformation, and healing as they shed their old skin. Similarity, through their boudoir sessions, women are shedding their old skin of insecurity and fully embracing a new skin of powerful femininity and vulnerable sensuality.