Identity, Packaging

Pysanky is the ancient Ukrainian folk tradition of embellishing hollowed chicken eggs with extravagant designs. Each egg is carefully decorated by hand with ornate patterns through a skillful layering process of outlining the geometric and natural motifs in beeswax and dipping in a series of dyes.

I created a hypothetical brand and packaging design to market and celebrate this Ukrainian cultural item, borrowing elements from the traditional and melding them with the contemporary. The entire packaging design was created to feel hand-made, resembling the craft of the eggs. The pysanky-inspired pattern was hand-drawn and illuminated with traditional reds and oranges, and the logo was based loosely on the blocky nature of Ukrainian typefaces. Finally, the box was printed on an off-white card stock with a slight fiber texture to further enhance the natural hand-made feel reminiscent of old-country Ukraine meets modern design.