I’m Corinne Alexandra

— the photographer, designer, illustrator, and creative-of-many-talents behind the one-women San Diego based studio, Stuck with Pins. I have an affinity for the weird and wonderful and my work is often inspired by such oddities as my taxidermy and skull collection, vintage ephemera, and natural history. When I'm not creating design solutions for fellow makers and doers, I can be found hunting treasures at dusty estate sales, watching gorey 80s sci-fi horror films with my husband, and spooning with our Australian cattle dog.

My Background

I’ve been an artist my entire life. From the moment I could pick up a pencil in my grubby little kid hands, I was constantly drawing, writing stories, painting, and exploring every creative outlet I could fathom. At age 16, after mastering the family camera and dabbling in Myspace layout design, I began freelancing professionally, transforming my early self-taught explorations of photography and graphic design into a booming business. Over the years, I've collaborated with hundreds of artists, musicians, and other talented people, and my works have been published in numerous books, magazines, albums, and other media outlets worldwide. In 2014, I graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design.

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